Join Our Team

At Gecko Networks, we are more than just an IT company. We believe in doing what you love and loving what you do. When you join the Gecko team, you join a family-friendly company that strives to put service over profit. Our industry-leading benefits package reflects our commitment to our people.

What We Believe

Technology Should Not Be Frustrating

We don’t want you to think about your IT. We believe it should be as invisible as you want it to be. And, above all, it should just work.

We Can Deliver A Better Work Experience

We believe technology should make you happy. Feeling productive is happy. Hitting print and it working is happy. Leaving work early because you got $%$^ done is happy.

It’s About the Human Element

We build trusted partnerships to help you have a better relationship with your planful managed technology.

Get Gecko. Get Happy.

Gecko’s Core Values


We understand how trust improves the client relationship. Our customers trust us, and we bend over backwards to provide them with the best IT solutions.


Our team is patient, friendly, knowledgeable, honest and caring, and collaborates with you to ensure you have the best IT experience. And, like a Gecko, we are adaptable to any situation.


Our ability to help customers hinges on our expertise. We know systems, hardware, structure, connections and flows, and we work to improve our expertise continually.