We Build Better Systems
So You Can Build a Better World

Your team needs to be connected – in the office, in the field and everywhere in between. If that connection is severed, time is wasted, projects are delayed, workers become sidelined. With Gecko, you won’t miss anything.

Are you or your team struggling with…
  • Project File Organization
  • Dealing with Massive Amounts of Data (e.g. Point Cloud)
  • Providing Excellent Technology for Remote Workers

  • Meeting Requirements of Cybersecurity Insurance Expectations
  • Minimizing Hardware Acquisition Costs
  • Transitioning from CAD to BIM

Let Gecko Handle IT

With decades of experience, Gecko understands the unique needs of Architecture, Engineering & Construction firms, and we create solutions that keep your team connected, your software up to date and your workstations fully functional.

How we can help:
  • Shift IT Responsibility to Gecko

  • Worry-free IT Infrastructure Management

  • Managed VPN, Remote Access & Datacenter Hosted Workspaces

  • Cyber Security and Disaster Recovery

  • Software Licensing Management

  • Local Support & Monthly Planning Consultations

IT Should Connect You, Not Concern You

Gecko Networks is superior technology management built for architects and engineering firms.