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Customers Who Trust Gecko

“MMA has been extremely satisfied with Gecko Networks! We feel that Gecko Networks has our best interest at heart, and they work diligently to make sure all our IT needs are taken care of. They come through for us every time we have an urgent matter and consistently surpass our expectations! The team of engineers at Gecko are very helpful, friendly, and considerate of our needs.”

Sean Maher, Madisen Maher Architects

“If you want an IT company that cares about you and responds in a timely manner, then call Gecko. Whether it’s a big or small issue, they always take care of the problem quickly. With other “big” IT companies, we never knew what we would end up being billed. Gecko is consistent and fair in their work at a reasonable rate. With Gecko taking care of our IT, we never have to worry, and this allows us to focus on our business.”

John F. Pope, MD, F.A.C.S., Urology Associates

“In the long run, what we have with Gecko Networks versus an in-house IT Director is not only better quality but also more cost effective. We don’t pay for anyone’s learning curve nor do we have to provide ongoing training to maintain knowledge.”

Fieena Zvenyach, CEO, IBC Engineering Services, Inc

“I don’t know how we did [IT management] without you guys all those years.”

Owner, Architect Firm

“We have been so impressed with the way Gecko handled this transition.  The communication has been clear and concise, expectations were set at each step of the way, and the response to inevitable surprises has been quick and efficient.  In short, it appears that Gecko approaches customer relationships the way we like to here at Fey as well, and we’re grateful for the partnership.”

Kristopher S. Gasch, Director of Marketing , Fey Printing