In the long run, what we have with Gecko Networks versus an in-house IT Director is not only better quality but also more cost effective. We don’t pay for anyone’s learning curve nor do we have to provide ongoing training to maintain knowledge.
— Fieena Zvenyach, CEO of IBC Engineering Services, Inc

Gecko Networks was developed slowly with the intention of getting delivery right first and growing second.  We were running in full operation with clients for over 5 years before a website was even developed.  So unlike companies where the window dressing goes up first, we sought to make sure we had something substantial to talk about prior to marketing.

We are technologists at heart but the difference at Gecko Networks is that we also know the importance of dialogue and collaboration. We blend service, equipment, software, process, expertise, and attitude to deliver exceptional results for our small business customers.

Fully Responsible


Responsibility means something different to us. Other firms claim full service but we take your trust very seriously, providing everything needed to make your computing environment successful. We cover the non-third party costs of hardware, software, installation, configuration, monitoring, maintenance, changes, repairs, upgrades, tracking, documentation, planning, staffing, education, etc.



Proactively managing your IT investment is essential. We use sophisticated tools and a watchful eye to find symptoms of problems and improvement opportunities . Often we will address issues before you even know about it. We'll make suggestions for your environment and improvements to our services and technology so that we can keep ahead of your needs.



Trust is the number one quoted reason our customers stay with us. They count on us to do what is right for their company. We are up front about our capabilities. You'll know where you stand and have real confidence that we want you to be successful.



Fairness is one of the reasons we started this business. Our services are designed to be all inclusive so that you don't have to worry about unexpected expenses. We want you to be pleased with what you get, and not feel like you've been led to believe one thing only to find out what you really want will cost much more.



Responsiveness should not be delivered via an automated email response. When you have a question or need something changed, we are available and ready to serve. Prefer to talk on the phone instead of email? No problem. We listen to you and learn what works and feels best to you. We're like that star employee who is grateful to have a job and eager to please.



Completeness means that our services aren't shallow. For example, we don't just back up your data files. We back up system images too. And then we prove that we can restore from backup, documenting our procedures so we know we'll be able to deliver when you really need it. This attention to detail is evident in all of our services from server management to help desk support.

Equipment Included

Perhaps you noticed that we mentioned this in the section on Responsibility. It is worth repeating:

We include business class server equipment and software installed at your site. We maintain it, you use it. When you outgrow it, we upgrade it. If it breaks, we replace it.

You may never need to buy a server again.